Tanner Billock

Tanner Billock

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Zac Vanderwall


Executive Chef

Zac started working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15. His brother called him up, offering him a job as a dishwasher and from there he took off. After spending four years in the Marines, Zac attended the Culinary Institute of Michigan, where he participated on the culinary competition team.

Before joining Lakes 23, Zac spent time at Lakehouse Waterfront Grille, Seasons Restaurant and the original Brew Works of Fremont. He credits his success to his former mentor and employer, Deb Tjepkes, as well as his wife, three children and God, for providing the talent to cook and create. When not at home, Zac enjoys his family time, as well as spending time outdoors and volunteering in the community.

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